Annual financial results of a company are a critical factor in assessing the success of a business, and a useful indicator of future expectations. We provide Notice to Reader and Review reports for our clients, ensuring relevant and reliable financial reporting is available for you and potential investors or creditors to your business.


Working closely with businesses in different industries allows us to leverage experiences and hard lessons learned. Whether reviewing the acquisition of a large asset, considering employee retention strategies, or what it would look like to have an employee, son or daughter introduced as a shareholder, we can help bring solutions, ideas and answers to the table.


From cash flow forecasting for your business to assessing the value of your business or a potential investment, our analytical skillset can help.


Personal and corporate tax returns are just the beginning. We bring expertise and experience in planning, implementing and maintaining transactions encompassing the life cycle of your business, including:

  • Incorporating your proprietorship
  • Buying and selling business assets
  • Buying and selling another business or your shares
  • Introducing new partner(s) into the business and succession planning
  • Retirement and estate planning
  • Amalgamation and corporate simplification strategies
  • Will and estate planning
  • CFO and Governance

Contracting our services on an as-needed basis provides your business with access to highly-trained and senior-level staff at a fraction of the cost to employ that position full time. We also work closely with businesses and non-profits to ensure basic controls are in place to prevent loss from theft, oversight or omission.

International Business

Many of our clients deal with cross-border tax and compliance issues, as well as planning for the distribution and final taxation of revenues generated from their business in different countries and jurisdictions. Our awareness and access to specialists in these areas ensure these matters do not go unaddressed.

Technology and Sustainability

We bring experience and a passion for employing technology to improve business and administrative functions. Whether you're looking to create an entirely paperless office (like ours), or design and implement a ground-up inventory control system we can help bridge the gap between technology, accounting and efficient business processes.

But I'm Looking For...

If you've got a particular issue or question, or have yet to get it to that point, we can help get you started.